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Welcome to Greater National Advocates. We know the importance of having someone in your corner during a health care crisis. Our trusted online portal allows patients and their loved ones to quickly connect with a knowledgeable independent Patient Advocate who has experience dealing with hospitals, insurance companies, doctors and long term care facilities. Our goal is to help patients and loved ones cut through the red tape and find peace of mind.
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Don't Become a Statistic.

Diagnosis Mistakes
More than half the U.S. population will suffer from at least one wrong or delayed diagnosis during their life, according to a report published by The Institute of Medicine.
Preventable Harm
The National Academy of Medicine predicts as many as one-third of all hospitalized patients will suffer some form of preventable harm during their hospital stay.
Dangerous Shortcuts
84% of all doctors surveyed by The American Association of Critical Care Nurses have observed colleagues taking dangerous shortcuts when caring for patients.
Medical Error Deaths
Medical Error remains the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States according to a Johns Hopkins University study from 2016 and reaffirmed every year since.
What is an Independent Patient Advocate?
An experienced professional who can guide you through the challenges of today’s health care system when friends and family just aren’t enough. If you’re scared because of a new diagnosis, concerned about coverage, or worried about the care of an out-of-state family member, having a reliable advocate in your corner is essential. We provide patients and their loved ones with immediate access to a trusted network of experienced independent Patient Advocates ready to step in and provide support.
What can an Independent Patient Advocate do for you?
When a health care crisis strikes, an independent Patient Advocate can step in, take charge and help patients and loved ones:
  • Better Understand Medical Conditions and Treatment Options
  • Demand and Receive Proper Medical Care
  • Effectively Communicate With Doctors and Hospitals
  • Analyze and Consolidate Financial Liabilities Related to Health Care
  • Receive Appropriate Counseling for Patients and Family Members
  • Identify the Right Facilities & Plan of Action for Elderly or Infirmed
GNANOW Advocacy Directory
Get quick access to qualified independent patient advocates you can depend on. Our network includes professionals from across the health care spectrum. GNA advocates work with patients and families on a daily basis- attending doctor visits, challenging insurance companies, asking knowledgeable questions, and overseeing the entire patient experience.
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A Public Service Organization

Our mission is to wake up the nation to the lifesaving benefits of Independent Patient Advocacy and provide patients and loved ones with immediate online access to a trusted network of qualified practitioners. We use fact-based media to spread awareness and steer patients and their loved ones to where they can learn more and find the professional support they need.
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Zero preventable
We are a proud partner of the Patient Safety Movement, and share in their mission toward Zero Preventable Deaths. Learn More »
We are a proud partner of the Patient Safety Movement and share in their mission toward Zero Preventable Deaths. Learn More »

Ethical Standards

Every advocate listed in the Greater National Advocates directory has agreed to abide by the Ethical Standards of The Patient Advocate Certification Board.
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Most people have never heard of Independent Patient Advocate. They don't know that these dedicated professionals can assist patients and loved ones during medical uncertainty. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about independent Patient Advocates.
What can an Independent Patient Advocate do that a patient or loved one can’t do on their own?
Patients and loved ones dealing with a hospitalization or struggling with a medical issue are at a disadvantage when it comes to advocating for themselves. This is especially true during periods of uncertainty like when it’s time to be discharged or when it’s unclear whether a test or procedure will be approved. Sometimes it’s hard getting answers to the most basic questions. Because Independent Patient Advocates come from varied professions like nursing, medicine, insurance, and elder care they know their way around health care like lawyers know their way around the courtroom. The right Independent Patient Advocate can speak up for patients when friends and family just aren’t enough.
The hospital already has a Patient Advocate. Why do I need another one?
Everyone employed by a health care company is limited to what they can accomplish for patients and families. Hospital employed patient advocates, navigators, social workers, and discharge planners are no different. They became health care professionals because they are passionate about helping people. But they have heavy caseloads and many work long hours with limited resources. Independent Patient Advocates work one on one with patients and loved ones to explore options, improve communication, and coordinate with overworked hospital staff. In fact, many Independent Patient Advocates used to work for hospitals and health care companies before they decided to work directly for patients.
Where do Independent Patient Advocates come from and how are they trained?
The majority of Independent Patient Advocates have experienced frustration with the health care system and decided to do something about it. They either witnessed systemic failures while working on the inside or had a personal experience that prompted them to help others. You can read every advocate’s personal story in the GNA national directory. As the profession matures, so will the training. Independent Patient Advocates have undertaken coursework, mentoring, and continuing education. An increasing number of advocates have been tested and certified by the Patient Advocate Certification Board. Independent Patient Advocates collaborate with each other all the time, so even if a particular advocate can’t help, they can probably direct you to someone who can.
Are Independent Patient Advocate services covered by health insurance?
No, they aren’t. And they shouldn’t be. It would be a conflict of interest for a patient advocate to be independent while employed by a health insurance company. This is true because Independent Patient Advocates are often called upon to fight, challenge, and appeal insurance company decisions. Because health insurance cannot effectively or ethically provide independent advocacy for patients, GNA is constantly exploring funding opportunities to serve patients and loved one in need.
Will my employer pay for an Independent Patient Advocate?
More and more employers are including Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) as an employee benefit. These programs may pay for Independent Patient Advocacy in the event of a medical emergency. These programs usually also cover the spouses of employees You should check your employee handbook or inquire with your company’s benefits team to see if there in an Employee Assistance Program in place.
How can I contribute to the Greater National Advocates mission?
GNA is in business to educate the public and promote the lifesaving benefits of Independent Patient Advocacy. We collaborate with individuals and organizations who share our vision and we welcome everyone’s help as we spread the word about our mission. Please share our site and our directory with all your friends, associates, and connections. If you are kind-hearted and able to make a tax deductible contribution to help us further our goals, we graciously welcome your help.