Partnering to Improve Patient Safety

Greater National Advocates & Patient Safety Movement Foundation
The Greater National Advocates vision of Independent Patient Advocacy as a means to improve patient outcomes is completely aligned with The Patient Safety Movement Foundation's goal of achieving zero preventable harm. The foundation challenges stakeholders, educates health professionals, and promotes actionable patient safety solutions. GNA advocates are boots on the ground with the ability to identify patient safety concerns and take responsive action. It therefore makes perfect sense for Greater National Advocates and Patient Safety Movement Foundation to join forces in furtherance of mutual goals.
The Patient Safety Movement supports the Greater National Advocates mission and recognizes Independent Patient Advocacy as an instrumental component of modern health care. Because Independent Patient Advocates interact with health care providers and administrators on a daily basis, they are uniquely qualified to carry the Patient Safety message into the clinical setting and suggest protocols that can save lives. GNA encourages Patient Advocates nationwide learn about, share, and encourage implementation of the foundation's actionable patient safety solutions (APPS). By working together and supporting each other, we can accelerate the process of improving patient outcomes, preventing medical harm, and saving lives.