Headshot Guidelines
A Quality Headshot is Good for Business

Need to take a photo? Here are some guidelines:

High Resolution
Your headshot should be taken with the highest resolution camera you have. On an iPhone, set the camera to HR (High Resolution).

Portrait Mode
Make sure to shoot your head-shot in portrait mode (vertical) instead of landscape (horizontal). You will notice that all of the photos we use in our directory are framed vertically. If you shoot your portrait in landscape mode cropping will occur.


Frame the shot so that the bottom of the photo cuts off where your chest ends and the top crops above your head by a few inches. Do not cut off the top of your head

Make sure the camera is at eye level and that you look straight into the lens of the camera.

Preferably take the photo while seated on a stool or a chair with a low back. You do not want the back of the chair visible behind you in the photo. If neither is available, take the photo standing.

Take the photo in front of a white seamless backdrop or white wall. If no white wall is available, please use the lightest solid color wall you can find with nothing on it. The wall should be blank.

Studio Lighting
If using a professional photographer, please make sure to ask for even, soft light through the use of a softbox or something similar.

Available Light
If you are not using studio lights, the best light will most likely be outdoors on an overcast day. If the day is not overcast, it is best to take the photo early in the morning before the sun gets too hot, or in the late afternoon, about an hour before sunset. The sun should be positioned behind the photographer.

Do Not use any busy or dark backgrounds like these:
Do Not use super close-up shots or shots too far away like these: