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Our no cost service helps advocacy professionals market themselves to patients and loved ones in need. If you have clinical or personal experience working in health care or assisting patients and families, Greater National Advocates will make sure the people who need you, can find you.
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We Welcome The Following Patient Advocacy Professionals:

  • Geriatric Care Managers
  • Wellness Practitioners
  • Disability Mentors & Peers
  • Rare Disease Advocates
  • Family Caregivers
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Billing Professionals
  • Physicians
  • Case Managers
  • Social Workers
  • Nurses
  • Legal Nurse Consultants
Patient Advocacy Awareness
Most people have never heard of an Independent Patient Advocate. Patients and loved ones struggling with a health care crisis need to know that professional advocates exist and are ready to help.
Professional Advocate Network
Independent Patient Advocates nationwide are joining our mission. We’ve created a robust network of independent advocacy professionals who can offer immediate support to those in need.
National Advocate Directory
Our easy to navigate online directory provides patients and loved ones with immediate access to qualified support across the country. We make sure anyone who needs an advocate can find one.

Advocates Who Blog

Your Voice Matters. Get Published in Our National Advocacy News Blog
We encourage members to enrich the Patient Advocacy community by sharing thoughts, articles, case studies, and professional experiences through our nationwide informational platform.
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Did you know...
80% of the US population has no idea what a Patient Advocate is or does?
Did you know...
80% of the US population has no idea what a Patient Advocate is or does?

The Go-To Directory For Patients and Loved Ones In Need

Our national directory connects patients and loved ones with independent Patient Advocates who can save lives and improve patient outcomes. This go-to network provides immediate access to professional health care advocates experienced in dealing with hospitals, insurance companies, doctors and assisted living facilities. The Greater National Advocates user-friendly platform helps patients and their loved ones find the right independent Patient Advocate to assist with their particular needs.
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Become Part of Our Historic Mission
"It's time to wake up the nation to the lifesaving benefits of Patient Advocacy and provide immediate online access to a trusted network of qualified practitioners."
Greater National Advocates

GNA is a Public Service Organization

Our mission is to wake up the nation to the lifesaving benefits of Independent Patient Advocacy and provide patients and loved ones with immediate online access to a trusted network of qualified practitioners. We use fact-based media to spread awareness and steer patients and their loved ones to where they can learn more and find the professional support they need.
Every advocate listed in the Greater National Advocates directory has agreed to abide by the Standards & Best Practices of The Patient Advocate Certification Board.
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Promoting Independent Patient Advocacy

For many years, the biggest hurdle facing independent patient advocates has been the discouraging lack of public awareness about the profession. In fact, most advocates have no choice other than to spend a great amount of time and energy explaining what they do. This is where we come in...
The GNA mission includes shining a bright light on the profession so that independent patient advocates can spend their time improving the patient experience. We are committed to promoting the benefits of independent Patient Advocacy on a national level. The goal is to make this important, yet largely invisible profession, known in every household throughout America. Join Now»
We are a proud partner of the Patient Safety Movement and share in their mission toward Zero Preventable Deaths. Learn More»
We are a proud partner of the Patient Safety Movement and share in their mission toward Zero Preventable Deaths. Learn More»

Greater National Advocates Leadership

Founder and President L. Bradley Schwartz is a steadfast proponent of independent patient advocacy as a means to enhance communication, improve medical outcomes, and reduce medical error.
A respected attorney and medical malpractice survivor,L. Bradley Schwartz is fearless in his determination to promote the lifesaving benefits of Patient Advocacy. He served on the Board of Directors of NAHAC and PACB, helping shape policy and develop credentialing. Today, his mission is to transform Independent Patient Advocacy into a welcome and expected component of modern health care.
Making the Case for Patient Advocacy
The personal story of L. Bradley Schwartz

Advocacy News Blog

Make Your Voice Heard Across The Nation and Around The Globe
Every member listed in our directory is invited and encouraged to submit articles, case studies, and personal experiences through our complimentary news blog publishing feature. Educating the public about the advantages of using independent patient advocates is a crucial part of our mission. We share and promote member blog submissions on multiple platforms, giving the general public an opportunity to learn about health care advocacy and the professionals who do this important work. By sharing your insights, stories, and expertise we can change the dialogue about advocacy in this country.
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Answers to the most common questions our members ask before joining the GNA national network.
What Is the GNA Mission Statement?
Greater National Advocates is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation. Our stated mission is to:

“Wake up the nation to the lifesaving benefits of Independent Patient Advocacy and provide patients and loved ones with immediate online access to a trusted network of qualified practitioners.”

Our website, GNANOW.ORG, includes a robust, user-friendly national directory designed specifically for patients and loved ones who are looking for help. Consistent with our mission statement, our immediate goal is for Independent Patient Advocacy to become a common, everyday household term that’s recognized by patients, loved ones, and the healthcare community as a necessary and integrated component of our health care system. We use various media to promote Independent Patient Advocacy to the general population. GNA promotes the individual advocates who are listed in the national directory, but we do not charge member advocates anything to be listed or promoted on GNANOW.ORG. Greater National Advocates is free for advocates and free for the public.
How Does Greater National Advocates Fit In With Other Organizations and Directories Like APHA, PACB, HealthAdvocateX, PULSE, ALCA, CMSA, and NAHAC?
GNA is the most visible and influential public-facing promotional tool for patient and health care advocates nationwide. We reach tens of thousands of internet users every day, and our messaging is designed to benefit the entire profession- not just Greater National Advocates. We constantly support and promote the efforts, achievements, and events of other organizations who care about patient safety and advocacy. GNA’s founder, L. Bradley Schwartz, is a practicing lawyer who lost his limbs to medical error and made it his personal mission to prevent tragedies caused by health system failures. After serving on Boards of organizations including PACB and NAHAC, he founded Greater National Advocates to help address the profession’s biggest challenge...the lack of public awareness about independent patient advocacy.
Who Can Be Published on the GNANOW.ORG National Directory?
Because Independent Patient Advocacy remains a new and evolving profession, the GNA national directory includes advocates from all walks of life. Many Independent Patient Advocates have work experience in health-related industries including medicine, nursing, social work, insurance & billing, wellness, rare & chronic disease, geriatric care, disabilities, mental health, family caregiving, patient safety, employee benefits, care management, and patient rights. At GNA, our definition of “Independent Patient Advocate” includes all these professions, and many others. If you believe you have the right combination of work experience, education, credentials, and skills to assist patients and families who need health care assistance and resources, please submit your profile.
Do I Need to be a BCPA (Board Certified Patient Advocate) to be Listed on GNA?
No, you don’t. The advocacy professionals listed on our site come from a variety of backgrounds. Every GNA member has their own unique education, employment, and life experiences. Many advocate members have credentials and degrees in disciplines like nursing, social work, aging life care, medicine, patient safety, family caregiving, rare disease advocacy, legal nurse consulting, and case management. Some of them obtained BCPA certification to supplement their existing credentials, while many others rely on BCPA certification as their primary professional credential. Regardless, if you have the experience and ability to help patients and loved ones, we welcome your application.
What is the Reason For GNANOW.ORG?
The GNA national directory is the result of a years-long, industry spanning study of the needs and wants of the professional patient advocacy community. Early on, it became evident that advocates were spending too much time, effort, energy, and money explaining what they do. Our studies revealed that the advocacy profession was not effectively communicating its message to the general public. As a result, individual advocates have been forced to market the profession by themselves. And while there are a handful of existing patient advocacy directories, they remain hard to find and even harder to navigate. The reason is because most of the other advocacy directories were simply not designed to engage to public as much as they were designed to provide business services to advocates. GNA, on the other hand, focuses entirely on public awareness and promoting the advocates who are listed in our directory.
I Don’t Have Insurance. Can I Still Join GNA?
We recognize that liability insurance coverage may factor into the decision-making process of some potential customers even though insurance for advocates is not required by any state law, federal law, or by the Patient Advocate Certification Board. Our policy is as follows: If you have insurance, GNA will display it on your public profile.
Is GNA Really a Free Service?? What’s the Catch?
GNA understands that the decision to enter into Independent Patient Advocacy can be costly, time-consuming, and scary. Advocates pay for training, certification, marketing, web development, and CEUs. We decided to make GNA a free service in order to jump start the Independent Patient Advocacy profession and remove many of the financial barriers that discourage would-be advocates from entering the profession. GNA does not and will never charge advocates to be listed in our directory. There’s no catch.
I’m Listed on Another Website Directory. Why Should I Be Listed on GNANOW.ORG?
GNANOW.ORG is the only national patient advocacy directory that was designed specifically for patients and loved ones in need. The site does not overwhelm or confuse the user with information they don’t care about, like how to start a business or network with other advocates. GNANOW.ORG is a modern, well-designed website that’s easy for the general public to use and understand. For members, the profile-listing process is painless and always free. Advanced user features, search engine optimization, blogs, and advertising grants have already resulted in increased public awareness of, and engagement with, patient and health care advocacy professionals.
Does GNA Certify or Train Patient Advocates?
GNA does not certify, educate, or train Patient Advocates. The only GNA mission is to promote patient advocacy to the public and provide a quick and easy to connect with a qualified advocate. GNA supports all credentialing and certification programs that enhance the ability of advocates to serve patients and families. GNA will recognize and acknowledge the credentials and certifications obtained by Patient Advocates but GNA is not and will not be a credentialing or certification body.
I Belong to Other Organizations That Serve Patient Advocates. Why Should I Get Involved With Greater National Advocates?
There is simply no reason for any patient advocate, health care advocate, or aging life care professional not to become a member of GNANOW.ORG. First, our philosophy is to concentrate only on what we are good at… Public Awareness and Promotion. Our development team includes creative design, health communication, consumer engagement, commercial film production, and web development professionals who work alongside industry leaders who know how to achieve one and only mission of Greater National Advocates: Waking up the nation to the lifesaving benefits of independent patient advocacy. We strongly encourage all Independent Patient Advocates to maintain their memberships in organizations that train, certify, and educate.
Does GNA Function as a Governing Body for Patient Advocates?
GNA does not and will not govern advocates. We recognize that Independent Patient Advocacy is a rapidly evolving profession with credentialing and governing authorities already in place. Greater National Advocates requires Patient Advocates who choose to be listed on GNA sites to subscribe to established ethical standards but GNA will not govern or dictate any aspect of the profession.
I’m the Owner of a Business That Provides Patient Advocacy Services. Can My Business be Listed With GNA?
GNA highlights and promotes the skills and services of the individual advocates who serve patients and loved ones. To that end, GNA will publish the profiles of Patient Advocates but not the business entities of the advocates. If an advocate works for a business that provides Patient Advocacy services, they can be listed in the GNA directory and designate their business affiliations. But GNA will not be promoting advocacy businesses or firms in the directory – just the Patient Advocates themselves.